8 Steps To Doing Hard Things

Life is awesome!

But it also comes with difficult things to do.

Confronting a person.

Trying to solve a money situation.

Navigating a new or old job situation.

In each area of our lives, we will bump into hard things, but there are approaches you can take to crush them (the hard things, not the people).

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Spend All of Today’s Chances

In Rogue One, Jin Erso, when faced with overwhelming odds, says: “We’ll take the next chance and the next and on and on until we win … or the chances are spent.”

I like the quote because a series of chances is a good way to describe each day.

Each day we have a series of chances (disguised as segments of time) to tackle all sorts of work, obstacles, puzzles, clues, relationships, and fun.

How do we do this well? And how do we feel good about it when it seems like we have more options than chances to take them?

Below are three ways to make the most of every chance as you spend it.

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Three Ways that One Word for 2018 can help you succeed

What is your focus for 2018?

When you read that, something probably popped into your mind.

Exercise, a better job, a new rhythm.

Having a single word to capture what it is can help you succeed in three different ways.  Here’s how.

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The Seventh Number

(This was originally posted in 2010)

The last number.  The one I can’t hit.  It’s waiting to give me away.  To leave a permanent mark on her phone.  That I’ve taken myself seriously enough to call her. I have to hit it because I can’t call her with only six numbers.  The seventh number.  That’s the one that makes the connection.  That turns the hard won phone number into a real date. Or opens the door to a long lost love.  Continue reading

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Five Ways to Get Good Grades in College (or High School)

I’ve written about this before, but a new school year is upon us and with that, a new freshman in college that I’m very fond of (hello, son!).

This also works for HS just translate professor to teacher.

Here’s a slightly updated list from the past.

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The Amnesia Reboot


I found myself floating face down in the water off of the coast of Marseilles.

Fishermen pull me from the water and work with them until they put me ashore.

Oh, sorry.  That was Matt Damon, not me.

I wake today and decide that nothing I remember about yesterday is true except for my love for God, my love for Family, and the fact that I have job.

Everything else has been washed away by my Amnesia Reboot.

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“He Chose Poorly” — How To Turn A Perfectly Good Day To Crap


Tony Robbins has said that there are two states: Beautiful states and Suffering states.

In Deuteronomy, we are offered  a choice of Life or Death.

These are choices that we make ALL DAY LONG, in every moment and in every situation.

Yesterday, I mostly chose to suffer.

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How I Give


What follows is a discussion of how and why I give in various ways, as a part of my Christian worship.

Usually, when I write about giving, I focus on passages, doctrines, and theories of giving and how tithe, giving to the poor, and giving to missions interact in the modern church.

However, I felt that God was leading me to simply show how and why I do giving and to allow others to draw from that information.

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First Inspiration: Superchick was the Soundtrack for my first Novel


In 2003, it dawned on me that I was getting old (39) and had never pursued writing a novel although I had been thinking about it since I was in high school.

As I began to write, there were a lot of voices of doubt — some internal and many external. My grammar and spelling were never masterful and the early comments on my manuscripts from friends included that I was “comma challenged” and wondered if I knew that “than” and “then” were not the same words (I was perplexed by both of these statements).

To be clear a small cadre of family and friends were supportive, but it’s not like they stood around my basement writing computer cheering me on.

That job instead went to the band, Superchick

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Why I Will Always Follow Christ

When I take my last breath, I will still be following Christ.

I do not promise you that I will be closing in on a sinless life or that I will have left behind temptation, but my hope will rest in Christ.

I’m writing this for my family to read, to know, and to pass on.

We have walked through many hard issues in the past twenty years individually and collectively.  Through that God has always been there.  Please read what lies below.

Over the years as I have watched people struggle with their faith when circumstances rear their ugly head.  Some have given up the fight and quit the race, at least for a time.

I have seen these struggles and thought deeply about many aspects.  And the conclusion I’ve reached is that God is big enough to carry me for the rest of my life, just as He has carried me in the past.

The biggest lesson of my life as a Christian is that God is the father in the study of the prodigal son, and like the father in the story, He stands at the top of the hill every morning gazing into the distance for me and for you.

Find your hiding place in God.  No matter if you feel close to Him or far away, God is big enough.

Let me add three snippets of verses that cross my mind from time to time and reinforce

Romans 14:4 “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” – All of us will stand and fall only on the mercy and judgement of Christ.

Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him” – Whatever may come, whatever choices I make, I will place my hope in Christ.

John 6:68 “Peter answered and said: ‘LORD, to whom shall we go? You alone have the words of life.”

All of us must make our own peace with God, this is the answer to that peace for myself.

I hope that it encourages you and helps you in your journey as well.


One of the great lies that we face is that God and Satan are in some epic struggle.

They are not two ancient brothers wrestling. One is not a white dog and the other a black dog and whichever one we feed the most will win.

God has won.

He loves you personally and wants to spend time with you and share life with you.

Whatever fear, anger, belief, or doubt you may have, God is bigger than all of them.

He is bigger than death, suffering, abuse, stupid Christians, or the disability you were dealt.

And He doesn’t expect you to clean yourself up and heal yourself.

Just show up.

He wants to spend time with you and when you are ready, He will tackle your needs and concerns.

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