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Welcome to my website,

My focus is on writing novels, short stories, favorite fake memories, and online novellas.

Along the way, I like to pass on my thoughts on Christianity, Getting Things Done


Story updates other than Favorite Fake Memories generally appear on Mondays.

  • Novels — my novels are offline works that I plan to publish in the future.
  • Novellas — my novellas are “first cut” meaning that they have no real editing other than a quick spell check.
  • Short Stories — I submit short stories both to various magazines as well as posting them here.
  • Favorite Fake Memories — These are one to two page fake memories of something that happened between myself and one of my fans. One or two will appear per week. To get on the list for your own personal FFM, start following me on facebook. More details can be found here.

    Book Reviews

    I write up a new book review every two weeks on Fridays. The reviews are more about what I liked and didn’t like.


    I’m a Christian and enjoy sharing my take on different subjects related to Christianity that I think can be an encouragment.

    Grab bag

    Wednesdays are a grab bag day where you never know what will happen.

  • 2 Responses to Stories and more

    1. betsy says:

      I think you must be the same Kent Ostby I worked with at a large computer company here in Atlanta. (I left that company in 2005.) If you are, I just wanted to let you know that I was always intrigued by your “writing on the side” plan and wondered at your ability to find the time to work a full-time job AND to pursue your dream. When I knew you, you were working on a series of stories called “Death by ….” My reading list has always contained your name and the title of your first installment, “Death by Politics.” I am so pleased to see that your dream is still alive. This website is replete examples of your maturity as a writer; I have gobbled up every word here. It is a secret pleasure to have known you in the past. And even if you’re not that same Kent Ostby, keep writing and filling the world with positive energy.

      (BTW, fake name and fake email – maybe you can add this to “favorite fake memory” 🙂

      • kostby says:

        Thanks, “Betsy.”

        Death By Politics served it’s purpose — it taught me how to finish a book. If it ever sees the light of day, it won’t be until it has a huge re-write.

        I have another book completed that I am in the process of editing / finding an agent for.
        Plus building a web presence with Chantico and other aspects.
        In addition, there is another book that I am also working on.
        And yes, all of that is with still working for “that computer company in Atlanta”

        I lost about two years while being overwhelmed with “getting published” as opposed to “just writing,” but I think that is behind me.

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