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Five Ways to Get Good Grades in College (or High School)

I’ve written about this before, but a new school year is upon us and with that, a new freshman in college that I’m very fond of (hello, son!). This also works for HS just translate professor to teacher. Here’s a … Continue reading

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The Amnesia Reboot

I found myself floating face down in the water off of the coast of Marseilles. Fishermen pull me from the water and work with them until they put me ashore. Oh, sorry.  That was Matt Damon, not me. I wake … Continue reading

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“He Chose Poorly” — How To Turn A Perfectly Good Day To Crap

Tony Robbins has said that there are two states: Beautiful states and Suffering states. In Deuteronomy, we are offered  a choice of Life or Death. These are choices that we make ALL DAY LONG, in every moment and in every … Continue reading

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How I Give

What follows is a discussion of how and why I give in various ways, as a part of my Christian worship. Usually, when I write about giving, I focus on passages, doctrines, and theories of giving and how tithe, giving … Continue reading

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First Inspiration: Superchick was the Soundtrack for my first Novel

In 2003, it dawned on me that I was getting old (39) and had never pursued writing a novel although I had been thinking about it since I was in high school. As I began to write, there were a … Continue reading

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Why I Will Always Follow Christ

When I take my last breath, I will still be following Christ. I do not promise you that I will be closing in on a sinless life or that I will have left behind temptation, but my hope will rest … Continue reading

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Four Rules for New or Anxious Situations

I don’t like change. And I especially don’t like doing anything for the first time. And I’m a dad which means I have to teach my kids how to handle change and doing things for the first time. But I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving with people you only see once a year

  **NOTE: This is written as a public service announcement and not as a reference to my own family which gets great. Regardless of how well you get along with your relatives, trying to get through a long Thanksgiving day with … Continue reading

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Adulting — What I Learned from a Black Lab named Triss

My brother’s dog passed away last month. When you see the romanticized pictures of dog ownership on TV commercials, you’re getting a glimpse of life with Triss. She was the sweetest dog who loved to romp in mud, ponds, or snow. … Continue reading

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We are all fragile; Three steps to keeping your emotional balance

Do you have that friend who appears to always be doing something cool, hanging out with someone you could only dream of hanging with, or meeting some lofty goal that maybe was even on your list. Does it leave you … Continue reading

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