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Adulting — What I Learned from a Black Lab named Triss

My brother’s dog passed away last month. When you see the romanticized pictures of dog ownership on TV commercials, you’re getting a glimpse of life with Triss. She was the sweetest dog who loved to romp in mud, ponds, or snow. … Continue reading

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We are all fragile; Three steps to keeping your emotional balance

Do you have that friend who appears to always be doing something cool, hanging out with someone you could only dream of hanging with, or meeting some lofty goal that maybe was even on your list. Does it leave you … Continue reading

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Three robot jobs no one is talking about

I’ve been thinking a lot about robots as I prepare to spec out a futuristic robot trilogy.  Here’s a couple of thoughts on robots. Robots will take 80% of the current jobs in the next fifty years. While that distresses … Continue reading

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When God the Father let Jesus down

We live in an age of Christianity that often formula-izes God and His reach. If that’s true then either Jesus really goofed up or God let him down.

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Three lies you tell yourself about sleep

When I can’t solve a problem (like how to sleep through the night), I find myself making up lies (I call them reasons) why the problem can’t possibly be me.  Here are three lies that many of us insomniacs tell … Continue reading

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Today Is A Gift From God

Today is a gift from you, oh God. Your ways are higher than mine so I will trust them, even when I think I have a better plan. I give you my body. May I master it so it does … Continue reading

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Make Your Life Easier — Letting God’s Word Come To You

Of the many productivity tips that I have heard and read about over the past few years is the one to ask the question “What would look like if it were easy?” Wait, isn’t this a Monday Meditation where you … Continue reading

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Analytical Super Powers — Changing your flow chart

Analyticals have superpowers. I’m sure other races of humans also have them, but since I’m not a part of those races, I can’t comment. Today, I would like to focus on a very simple fact and why being an analytical … Continue reading

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The Shortest Distance Between Me and God

The shortest distance between two physical objects is generally a straight line. Sometimes, I’m feeling grumpy or stressed or just far away from God. You probably feel that way as well and when you do, it’s important to know the … Continue reading

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Reflections: Twenty Year Reunion Insanity (from 2002)

What follows below the fold are 4 “raw takes” that I wrote back in 2001/2002 in response to my (then) upcoming 20-year-reunion. They are disjointed and end abruptly, but capture my thoughts and emotions at the time. I find them … Continue reading

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