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Three robot jobs no one is talking about

I’ve been thinking a lot about robots as I prepare to spec out a futuristic robot trilogy.  Here’s a couple of thoughts on robots. Robots will take 80% of the current jobs in the next fifty years. While that distresses … Continue reading

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When God the Father let Jesus down

We live in an age of Christianity that often formula-izes God and His reach. If that’s true then either Jesus really goofed up or God let him down.

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Three lies you tell yourself about sleep

When I can’t solve a problem (like how to sleep through the night), I find myself making up lies (I call them reasons) why the problem can’t possibly be me.  Here are three lies that many of us insomniacs tell … Continue reading

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Today Is A Gift From God

Today is a gift from you, oh God. Your ways are higher than mine so I will trust them, even when I think I have a better plan. I give you my body. May I master it so it does … Continue reading

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Make Your Life Easier — Letting God’s Word Come To You

Of the many productivity tips that I have heard and read about over the past few years is the one to ask the question “What would look like if it were easy?” Wait, isn’t this a Monday Meditation where you … Continue reading

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Analytical Super Powers — Changing your flow chart

Analyticals have superpowers. I’m sure other races of humans also have them, but since I’m not a part of those races, I can’t comment. Today, I would like to focus on a very simple fact and why being an analytical … Continue reading

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The Shortest Distance Between Me and God

The shortest distance between two physical objects is generally a straight line. Sometimes, I’m feeling grumpy or stressed or just far away from God. You probably feel that way as well and when you do, it’s important to know the … Continue reading

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Reflections: Twenty Year Reunion Insanity (from 2002)

What follows below the fold are 4 “raw takes” that I wrote back in 2001/2002 in response to my (then) upcoming 20-year-reunion. They are disjointed and end abruptly, but capture my thoughts and emotions at the time. I find them … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Social Media

When I was a kid, it seemed like my birthday would never come. I knew a few of my friend’s birthdays, but not very many of them. If I didn’t get invited to their party, there was little chance I … Continue reading

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Four Keys To Writing Effective Emails

Email can be one of the most effective ways to transfer information in our work and personal life. It can also create a whole series of problems related to misunderstanding, even in a professional setting. Here are four keys to … Continue reading

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