Christianity — Praying Through Your Day

While my stories and takes on life are written for a general audience, I also enjoy writing about how we as Christians should live. Here’s another take.

Praying through your day

One of my goals is to pray throughout my day for those around me, for myself and the activities that I have planned and for the people who God brings to mind.

My desire is based on two things.

  • A desire to grow closer to God and to better align my life with Him.
  • A desire to follow the command to “pray without ceasing.”

    Two views of “Praying Without Ceasing”

    There are two views of the verse that tells us to “pray without ceasing.”

    One view is to simply walk closely with God in such a way that whatever comes out of your mouth falls into one of the categories listed in that passage – Rejoice always; Pray without ceasing; in everything, give thanks.

    So everything that comes out of our mouth as Christians should be a prayer, a rejoicing, or a praise of thanksgiving.

    The second view takes a more simple approach and says that we should be actively trying to do those three things including praying constantly throughout the day.

    While both have a similar feel (and while I think either practice would be a great reflection of our spiritual life), I’ve found that the second view of simply praying for people as we encounter them is the more straightforward reading.

    What does it look like?

    While I’m not a one hundred percent practicionar of this by any means, I recently had a day where I was able to do a lot of this through God’s grace. Here’s what it looked like:

  • As I woke up, I thought about the people that had populated my dreams from the night before and lifted each one of them up in prayer.
  • When I got on my favorite gaming web site and read through the forums, I prayed for the five or six other people who had posted recently onto the site.
  • After I posted my facebook status for the day, I prayed for the half dozen people who had posted just ahead of me.
  • I prayed for and with each of the people in my family.
  • I prayed from the gal who cut my hair and the gal behind the counter and asked God if there was anything that I should say to them. I was able to share simply that I was a Christian with one of them.
  • Returning home, I prayed for the people I drove past on the road and the DJ on the radio.

    There weren’t any dramatic changes in anyone’s life that I saw and yet two things happened:

  • I felt closer to God as I spent time talking to Him about other people.
  • Secondly, I believe in the power of prayer and this day gave me the opportunity to deposit into the lives of a couple of dozen people.

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