In the dark, discouraging night comes clarity

Sometimes in the dark of night when the house is asleep and I’m feeling discouraged about writing, small thoughts creep into my head.

Thoughts of the joy of a scene making the leap from my fingers to the screen.

Thoughts of the vision I have for my stories.

Thoughts of those who have walked down like-pathways.

It’s in those times that I can embrace the emotions and press through the fear of the next draft and remember that there is a clear answer to all those mixed story lines.

In the dark, the characters come back and tell their stories one more time and I remember what they look like.

In the dark, when I am finally detached from all of those “other” things that get in the way of telling stories (like bills and chores and the latest TV series I haven’t caught up on), I remember their tear-stained faces and favorite memories.

And then I can set about to clean up their story so that all of you can get to know them as well.

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