FFM — An example from my old blog

A while back on an old blog that has thankfully vanished from the web (well probably not), I used to write my Favorite Fake Memories of my friends.  This is the feature that I’m going to add back into this blog starting in November.

Here’s an example from “back then” of a Favorite Fake Memory that I wrote about my friend Natalie.

Natalie, I was thinking about my favorite fake memory of you.

It was that time that my wife was pregnant and she had this major craving for Kansas City barbeque which I thought was odd since she’s never been to Kansas City.

You were like “No problem, we can fly there” and that was odd because you were only sixteen the last time that Kradan was pregnant, but you seemed like you knew what you were talking about and so we drove down to the airport and you picked the lock on the gate that you said they forgot to leave open for you.

We “borrowed” a plane (you said it was okay) and we flew there, but we ended up in Kansas City, MO instead of Kansas City, KS or vice versa and the police wanted to know about our borrowed plane so we had to make a run for it or as you said “a dramatic exit.”

After locating a very good barbequeue place,  we “borrowed” your friend’s car and drove back to Atlanta.

By the time we got back to Atlanta, Kradan didn’t even want barbequeue anymore and that worked out nicely because we ate it on the way back since you said it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop any place where the cops might show up.

The End

 Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan and I are the stars. Favorite Fake Memories are completely fictional and no business or other type of relationship is implied.   Any Favorite Fake Memory will be removed by request from the “star” for any reason within 72 hours by simply emailing me at kmoreview@gmail.com.

If you would like me to write a Favorite Fake Memory of you and I, you can contact me at kmoreview@gmail.com.

You can suggest a general setting and I will try to work it in. Keep in mind that my kids read this site and so nothing I write will cross past the PG/PG-13 barrier.

All stories are original content by Kent Ostby unless otherwise noted.  To contact me, you can email me at: kmoreview@gmail.com or leave a comment on the site.

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