My favorite fake memory of Aaron B — Comic Con 2008

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my facebook fans!

Aaron B – This is my favorite fake memory of you.

In 2008, we drove cross-country so we could go to Comic Con in San Diego, sampling hamburger places all the way.

You dressed as Superman while I represented “Mystery Men” as The Waffler. You spent a full hour drawing a fake burn pattern on the side of my face even though I insisted that the real thing would be much faster to create.

Comic Con opened wide and we sought out the obscure and wonderful people that no one else seemed to know. Towards the end of the first night, you recognized Noel Neill as she was walking out with a satchel of pictures that were taken on the set of Atom Man vs Superman.

A guy drove up wearing a Green Lantern costume and another guy dressed as the Green Hornet steal the satchel off Noel’s shoulder.

She grappled with them and when she wouldn’t let go of the satchel they grabbed her and forced her into the car. I ran right at them and threw my waffle iron at the windshield, making it web out. The one thief kicked it out so they could see again and they took off before I could run down the stairs.

Looking over my shoulder, I noticed that you had disappeared so I gave chase figuring I could get a license plate number. The car went around the corner and as I made the turn, I was just in time to watch you launch yourself off of a planter on the edge of the convention center deck and land on the roof of the car. The crooks swerved a couple of times and tried hitting the breaks, but you held on. Finally, you reached in and slugged the driver right in the head knocking him unconscious.

We held them until the police came. All the while, you were chastising them for mixing comic universes in their costuming.

Noel Neill was so grateful that she tried to give you one of her pictures as a reward, but you turned her down. You did, however, pose with Noel and she autographed the picture. You put it on your wall at work so that whenever someone walks into your office for the first time and asks you about it, you start to tell a story.

“That’s the day that I rescued Lois Lane. Here’s what happened…”

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan is the star and I am the co-star. FavFakMems are a feature for my facebook fans.

You can suggest a general setting and I will try to work it in. Keep in mind that my kids read this site and so nothing I write will cross past the PG/PG-13 barrier.


  • Favorite Fake Memories are completely fictional and no business or other type of relationship is implied.
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  1. Nice! But I thought this was supposed to be a fiction story… 😉

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