My Favorite Fake Memory of Lynnette — Skydiving!

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my Facebook fans!

Lynnette – This is my favorite fake memory of you.

Talking enough people into spending Thanksgiving skydiving wasn’t easy, but after twisting a few arms and showing a few blackmail pictures, we got together a group of about fifteen people, most of whom were first timers.

You and I volunteered to be the first two to go since the idea originated with us. At about 4000 feet, I confessed that I was terrified of heights. The jump instructors strapped us in despite my whimpering protests into those odd tandem suits. You jumped with Jan and I jumped with the guy with the crazy eyes. I’ll never forget Gorman’s name because I still scream it in my sleep.

Gorman decided to help me out with my fear of jumping by doing a reverse 360 flip out of the plane which looks great on the film except for the part where he hit his head on the prop and blacked out. Jan not to be outdone tried the same maneuver and the four of us began pummeling to our deaths.

The sheer terror of the jump had me simply screaming Gormannnnnnnnnnnnn in a prelude to my future nightmares and spinning relentlessly in circles trying to somehow grab onto the rip cord that only Gorman could reach.

From out of nowhere, you came hurtling through the sky with the dead weight of Jan on your back. You grabbed the top of the chute pack and steadied my descent. My idea was to pull both rip cords simultaneously, but you pointed out that would likely just tangle both of us and continue the death theme of the day.

In the end, you hooked all four of us together, but where you could still reach the rip cord on mine and Gorman’s pack, pulled the cord and glided us in for a safe landing.

When we arrived, the rest of our group took no notice. They had never intended to skydive on Thanksgiving and instead were busy making up the Turkey and the trimmings.

A truly unforgettable and unreal Thanksgiving.

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan is the star and I am the co-star. FavFakMems are a feature for my Facebook fans.

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  1. Mark Ostby says:

    Our Thanksgiving guest is in the 82 Airborne. He has completed his first six jumps.

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