My Favorite Fake Memory of Marina — At a market in Morocco

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my Facebook fans!

Marina – This is my favorite fake memory of you.

It was the time we were in Morocco together working under cover for Interpol. Under the 1970 UNESCO convention on antiquities, many previously open sales of museum grade art had gone underground.

You and I were sent to Morocco to investigate a missing tagine pot valued at over a hundred thousand dollars. The pot was supposedly owned by the famous Moroccan philosopher Ibn Rushd from back in the 1100s.

We traced it to the huge open market in Marrakech and began wandering playing the dumb, rich Americans which was easier for me than for you. You enjoyed every sample waved in front of you while I just pretended to be allergic to everything.

While I was sampling a cup of apple tea, you spotted Connor Goodwin and started following him through the little shops littered with colorful foods, spices, and pots. He stopped in front of one particular stand and you walked on by and around the corner of the tent for cover.

“I’m looking for a tagine pot, but I don’t see any here that I really like,” said Goodwin.

“Why don’t you come inside? I have some other pots inside.”

I was hurrying to catch up when Goodwin came out of the tent carrying a new tagine pot painted in bright hues of yellow and blue. When I tackled him, the pot flew through the air and you dove like a wide receiver and caught it.

Inside we found Rushd’s tatine pot which still sits in a museum in Morocco.

Afterward, the government of Morocco invited both of us to a state dinner complete with curried goat and apple tea.

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan is the star and I am the co-star. FavFakMems are a feature for my Facebook fans.

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One Response to My Favorite Fake Memory of Marina — At a market in Morocco

  1. Marina says:

    Oh! I love it!!! Specially the part where you’re allergic to everything….not sure why, but found that very funny. A good fake memory!

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