My Favorite Fake Memory of Mark O — Catching a terrorist

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my Facebook fans!

Mark – This is my favorite fake memory.

On 9/11, your flight to Baton Rouge diverted to Charlotte and you had to drive back to Connecticut(that part is true, of course). Six months later you had a chance to attend another church planting conference being held at Biola.

We decided to make the trip together to see our Alma Mater so you drove down to Atlanta and flew out together. Going through airport security, we both got a couple of looks for carrying our own six-pack of Pepsi, but Delta is an Atlanta carrier that only takes Coke products on board and neither one of us were about to put up with Coke on a five hour non-stop to LAX.

The first sign of trouble came when a fight started in the back of the plane. A stew came back from the pilot and talked to a guy in the far back. He got up and started looking around quickly and focused on a nervous looking man three seats ahead of him.

The first guy pulled a gun, but the brief fight put the gun in the hands of the terrorist. A second air marshal tried to intervene and when he did so, three other guys jumped him, leaving all of the guns on the plane in the hands of the terrorists. The other two terrorists were brandishing long plastic shivs that looked like something out of prison movie.

All the passengers began yelling back and making threatening moves towards the hijackers. 9/11 memories echoed and people knew that death was the only way out. The terrorists announced their names were Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta and kept yelling that they were only going to demand a ransom this time and some of the passengers believed the lie. One guy tried to intervene, and the terrorist shot him dead. After that, the passengers settled down a bit.

The two terror groups split up. Alpha and Bravo headed for the cockpit while Charlie and Delat walked around tying passengers to their seat rests. Charlie and Delta were working forward from the back of the plane, but hadn’t quite gotten to us when you handed me two unopened Pepsis.

“You get the back. I get the front,” was all you said.

Alpha and Bravo were counting on the other two to watch the passengers so when Charlie, who had the gun in back, looked away for a minute, we sprung into action.

My first can sailed over Charlie’s head and he yelled out. The Bravo turned back towards you just after you had launched your first shot at his head from a distance of four feet. Blood squirted everywhere as split his forehead wide open, and he crumpled to the ground.

The gun cluttered to the floor, and there was a scramble amongst the passengers to grab it. Alpha turned back and stabbed a woman in the back with his plastic skewer and reached for the gun. By then, you were on top of him and slammed the other soda can into the side of his head.

Meanwhile, in the back, my second can of Pepsi hit Charlie in the gut and caused him to drop his pistol. Unfortunately for me, Delta picked it up and was bringing it level when I heard you yell “down” from behind me.

I hit the floor and you put three into his chest.

We both got Presidential Medals of Freedom and met President Bush, but most of all, it was just great to know we had saved so many lives.

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan is the star and I am the co-star. FavFakMems are a feature for my Facebook fans.

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  1. Mark Ostby says:

    Nice. I always liked working with you as a team.

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