My Favorite Fake Memory of Alisa VB — Catching a train

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my Facebook fans!

Alisa – This is my favorite fake memory of you.

A huge group of us had gone snow skiing in Wyoming and everyone, but you and I had left. I stayed in town for a book signing and you decided to go elk hunting with a high school friend.

The next morning when I met you downstairs for breakfast, you had brought along the horns from your kill the day before. All through the meal, you kept putting them up to your forehead and saying “moo.” We both laughed so hard that we had orange juice coming out of our nose.

The problem was that there was a PETA conference in town that day as well and the PETA people were not at all amused with your elk impressions. We made a mad dash for our car, but a flash mob had developed and our way to the parking lot was blocked.

My attempts at pushing through the crowd were getting stopped until you started whacking people in the shins with the elk horns. An alley opened to the left and we made a dash to an open street with the crowd hard on our heals.

The whistle of an east bound train blew from our right and we put our boots into it. The snow was thicker off the beaten path, but we thrashed against it as dug up the hill to the railway.

“I don’t think I can do this,” you yelled.

“Sure you can,” I yelled back. “It’s just like falling off a bike.”

That still doesn’t make sense to me looking back on it today, and all it did was make our quest harder because you started laughing and snorting at my malaprop. As we followed the train around a corner, the crowd of PETA protestors suddenly re-appeared making our situation desperate.

I made the jump and then you extended the elk horns so I could pull you up onto the train.

As the crowd hurled snowballs at us, you put the elk horns back up to your head one last time and gave them your loudest “moo” of the day.

The End

NOTE: Yes, I know that elk don’t say “moo” and I don’t know why Alisa kept saying “moo” that day either.

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  1. Teri Bynum aka Alisa Van Bynum says:

    I love my adventure! Thanks Kent. I read it aloud to myself and had to pause to laugh. Also, I suddenly have the urge to go hunting. 🙂

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