First Inspiration: Superchick was the Soundtrack for my first Novel


In 2003, it dawned on me that I was getting old (39) and had never pursued writing a novel although I had been thinking about it since I was in high school.

As I began to write, there were a lot of voices of doubt — some internal and many external. My grammar and spelling were never masterful and the early comments on my manuscripts from friends included that I was “comma challenged” and wondered if I knew that “than” and “then” were not the same words (I was perplexed by both of these statements).

To be clear a small cadre of family and friends were supportive, but it’s not like they stood around my basement writing computer cheering me on.

That job instead went to the band, Superchick

In particular the song “Stand Up” was often playing on repeat on my i-Pod.

This group of lyrics stands out among the whole song:

Live today through the future’s lens
Don’t wanna wish you could rewind and play it again

Stand up write the soundtrack for your life
It doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life
Stand up, do somthing with your life
It doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life

Many times when I wanted to give up and stop writing this song would get me through an ugly hour of one page writing instead of the usual six to eight pages that would come together on a good day.

Max Hsu even took the time to respond to an email and encourage me.

His advice: When things are rough, write something just for your friends.

And I did. Sometimes, it would be favorite fake memories or a short story, but eventually, the first novel came into being.

Like most first novels, mine is better left in the filing cabinet, but writing it was enough to help me generate a second novel, The Biographer, which I have since self-published on amazon.

To thank the band, I mailed off a copy of The Biographer to Melissa (Brock) Perry this week.  I hope you enjoy it Melissa and get a chance to share it with your former band-mates.

It turns out like my own writer’s journey, the main characters in The Biographer decide that they don’t like how life has turned out and set out to write their own soundtracks, and yes, there’s even a band in the book! (though they are not as cool as Superchick).

KMO 01FEB2017

I write and blog about life, God, and how you can change your life if you want to.  You might also like my novel (mentioned above), The Biographer, because it’s about three people who set 


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  1. liz ostby says:

    Glad you did this Kent; on a couple levels.

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