If I Die This Day

If I die this day, do not say “he went too young”

for the number of my days was ordained from the start.

If I die this day, do not say “Where is God?”

All men die whether today or another day. God will be there at my journey’s end.

If I die today, please forgive me.

While I do my best to treat men with kindness and God’s love, I am a simple man prone to selfishness and fear.

If I die today, know that you are forgiven.

No matter how you think you may have wronged me (whether in word or deed or thought or imagined action), know that I want you to live in peace.

If I die today, remember one thing about me.

Time fades all memories until they are dust.  So close your eyes and remember one story about me that you can hold onto through the years until we meet again.

If I die today, know that you were loved.

Whether we were close or shared a single hour of fellowship at a wedding, funeral, or party, know that I cherished such memories and prayed for you ever after.

If I die today, do not wonder where I am

For I know the One who holds the keys to death and the grave.  He will meet me at the gates as I start my next adventure.

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