It’s Easier to Impact One Person than Change the World

While my stories and takes on life are written for a general audience, I also enjoy writing about how we as Christians should live. Here’s another take.

What have you done today to show someone the love of Christ?

I apologize for the stick in your eye opening, but really, what have you done today to touch ONE person.

As Christians, we often study the Bible and we see the big things that Jesus and the apostles did and we often forget that people are just as often drawn little by little to Christ rather than having their whole world rocked.

There is nothing that prevents us from impacting one person every day.

My friend Bruce

I have a friend named Bruce. Okay, his name isn’t Bruce, but I don’t want to use his real name.

My friend Bruce can’t help me. He can’t make me laugh. He can’t buy me dinner. He can’t pick my kids up from school when I’m tied up with work.

My friend Bruce is in jail.

He’s been there for several years and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve written him exactly one letter. His sister commented one day that we forget about people in jail and I agree with her.

In fact, we do worse than forget about them. We get embarrassed by them and we turn our backs on them.

The funny thing is that visiting and encouraging people who are in jail is one of the specific things that Jesus tells us we can do to reach out to Him. Funny, huh?

For me, it’s less funny then sad.

I can’t change Bruce’s life. I can’t make him make correct decisions, but I can reach out to him and let him know that he’s not forgotten.

So to the best of my ability, I’m going to write Bruce one letter a week until he’s out. That’s not going to be easy even with my super spread sheet mentality.

My goal is to make a small impact.

My friend Jim and his friend Steve

Another story that reminds me of small impacts is one that my friend Jim used to tell me. He grew up in Southern California and was a pretty normal kid.

His family was a solid Christian family, but didn’t leaflet the neighborhood with tracts or make a big deal of their Christianity. They simply lived like Christian and showed kindness to all those around them.

Jim moved away when he was a freshman in high school and said good-bye to Steve and his family. There were no last minute forced “please convert” messages or pushes for Salvation.

From time to time, Jim would think of Steve, but he never really did anything about it.

Fast forward five years later when Jim packed up and headed for Southern California for college. He decided to look up Steve and found to his surprise that Scott was now walking with Christ and that his whole family was actively involved with church.

Steve’s reaction was simple.

“After you guys moved, it didn’t take long before we started going to church. Our family just wanted to have what your family had.”

Impacting through kindness – what a great idea.

Facebook Prayer

Last week, I made this offer in my Facebook status:

“If you need prayer today, just post your name and any specific requests in the comment section of this status and I’ll pray for you.”

More than fifteen people put their name in and for each one, I wrote out a Facebook message with a prayer. Each one took me five to ten minutes and I asked God to work on behalf of my friends.

And while I wasn’t quite planning on praying for that many people that day, it sure was fun to be a part of what God was doing in other people’s lives that day.

So don’t save the world, just impact one person

There are hundreds of people that need a touch of kindness today. That doesn’t mean that you can’t witness to people with your words, but how about looking to witness to people with your actions today?

Open your eyes and ask God to show you how to impact one person today and tomorrow and the day after that.

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2 Responses to It’s Easier to Impact One Person than Change the World

  1. Mark Ostby says:

    Thanks. That is a very good word.

  2. GeneO says:

    I agree, a good word. And many times we’ll have no idea how our kindness met a need; we just need to ‘do it.’

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