Life is good and difficult and fun and a whole bunch of other things.

I’m not sure if it’s twitter’s fault, facebook’s fault, instagram’s fault or if they just magnify the issue, but I feel a profound desire to simply life into just a few words.

Life is hard.

Life is awesome.

Life is good.

Or just #Blessed

But life is more than a single statement or hashtag.

Life is so complex and beautiful and painful all at the same time.  There are days when I rejoice in the big news of friends who are pregnant while on the same day thinking of friends who have died.

Some days life really is a beach (or at least feels light and airy) while other days, it’s just a grind.  There is something refreshing in how God designed each day.

They finally end.

Good, bad, hard, fun, beautiful, sucky — they all end.  Even for those of us who barely sleep. It might end at 1 and start up again at 5:15, but at the end of a day when everything seemed to go wrong, I take comfort in the fact that it’s done.  There is no more striving for today.

To be human is to survive.  Whether you believe that God designed us or in the chance of evolution, we are built to survive.  If you don’t believe me then ask a (kind) friend to hold you under water at the pool for a bit.  You will suddenly learn that desperate need to survive.

And in that survival there is beauty.

Just because someone posted a faster marathon time than you doesn’t mean that you had a bad day.

Or because you’re tired or worn down or unsure what the future holds.

All of these are a part of life and in them, and in you, there is beauty.

Celebrate your victories.

Lick your wounds.

Shed your tears.

And don’t apologize for any of it.

We are all there with you.

Regardless of what we post on our favorite social media sites.

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