Make Your Life Easier — Letting God’s Word Come To You

Of the many productivity tips that I have heard and read about over the past few years is the one to ask the question “What would look like if it were easy?”

Wait, isn’t this a Monday Meditation where you talk about God?

Isn’t it sacrilegious to make our time with God easy instead of setting aside time and disciplining ourselves and working hard at something that is worthwhile?

No.  Actually, since God should be our focus, we should make it as easy as possible to find Him.

For myself, I want to do whatever I can do to make it easy to find and focus on God.

If you have a process of meeting with God that works for you then stick with it.

Here is what I have done:

  1. Sign up for Daily Lectionary which sends me enough Scripture to finish the Bible in a year if I choose to read the very long emails every day.
  2. Also, sign up for “Prime Time with God” which sends a medium sized email with a discussion of a verse and some areas for prayer each day.
  3. Also, also, sign up for “K-Love’s verse of the day” which sends a bit-sized email with a single verse or two to me each day.
  4. Also, also, also, I have in the past used which adds scriptural promises to vivid pictures and emails them each day (also available on their site).

The reason that I have three of these is that while I would like to say that I always take a long period of time (be that 30 minutes or an hour) to spend reading and praying, I often don’t (guess I don’t get the biggest mansion in heaven).

However, even on those days that are slammed or out of control, I can find time to read at least a verse.  Other days, I may read all three and spend time in prayer.

What I don’t do, is stare at a physical copy of an impossible set of pages to read and say, “Oh well. No chance to ever catch up on that.”

Again, if you’ve got this notion taken care of then good for you.  But if you struggle, I recommend you.

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How do you make it easier to read your Bible and pray?



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