Motley Goals — Quick List

The last two weeks I have talked about Motley goals and about defining qualitative roles to organize your life.
Today I want to talk about the first tool in the Motley Goals toolbox — The Quick List.
One of the problems with many of the popular methodologies like Seven Habits or Getting Things Done, is that they require constant work and often large amounts of work.
One thing I’ve realized over the years is that on some days, I’m either too busy or too overwhelmed to go through a huge to-do list or a complex system.
For those days, I developed the “Quick List” so I can make progress and set myself up for the next day.

Building a Quick List

The quick list is very simple to build.  You simply make a five item to-do list based on the following characteristics:
1) List one thing that you’ve been putting off.
2) List one thing that your significant other/boss/child would be happy that you got done.
3) List one thing that will move you towards completion of your most significant goal.
4) List one thing that you can do quickly.
5) List one thing that you want to do.

Behind the Quick List

The quick list is designed with the following ideas in mind:
1) Being able to accomplish with a minimal amount of overhead.
2) Reduce stress by doing something you’ve been avoiding (which causes stress) and doing something for a significant other (which will reduce their stress and yours).
3) Keep moving toward your main goals.
4) Feel like you have accomplished something(by doing something quick and by doing something you want).
So fall back on this tool when you don’t have time to use the more complex systems.
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