Mucking your way through a hard week

You’ve set your goals for the year and you’re moving towards them and then BOOM, you have one of those kinds of weeks.

Snow and ice make travel difficult and life unpleasent.  Colds and flus are brought home by the kids or your fellow students.  Things break around the house and you suddenly want to simply curl up in a ball and sleep till spring.

How do you recover?

The gap you may have noticed here at is the result of a couple of weeks of such events as I listed above.  Car bills, illness, lack of sleep (less than I normally get), and real life issues have pressed in on all sides.

How have I started to get back on track?

Simple — I cleaned my office.

While cleaning your office might seem like a silly way to go about getting back on track, it works for several reasons.

#1) Clear out the mail — When things start piling up, bills are usually one of those things.  A short afternoon of bill paying, provided you have the cash in your account, makes one feel great as it’s one less thing to worry about (have I forgetten a bill somewhere).

#2) Throw a few things away, clear up your desk, clear a path towards productivity.

Once the office was cleaned, I turned to the phone and made a few phone calls to get caught up there.

From there, I moved on to whatever I encountered next in the basement or garage, putting away tools, throwing away old boxes and generally making SOMETHING better every time I turned around.

Next I walked the stairs for 30 minutes.  I’m not going out in freezing weather, but I need to work the body a little so that the brain can take a break and 30 minutes of stairs does that faster than anything.

Finally, I spent the evening with family, playing cards and snuggling in front of the TV.

Having convinced my subconscious that it was time to work again, I was able to get up the next morning and start back on focusing on my goals.

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