My Favorite Fake Memory of Brendan — At a giant open field

Hey! It’s another of my favorite fake fan memories with one of my facebook fans!

Brendan, this is my favorite fake memory of you.

It was a couple of weeks ago when we did that road trip from Nashville to Chicago to see a Cubs game at Wrigley.  I tried a short cut to save us some time, and we wound up stranded in the middle of nowhere when the car ran out of gas. We started walking, and as we came down this hill, we heard noises – – yells, a whistle being blown, and the thick smack of a well-hit soccer ball.

The blinding sunlight coming out of the woods revealed a giant open field with just two soccer goals and two halves of the US women’s national team going at each other like mad.  Pia Sundhage had taken them away from Chicago for a long weekend of roughing it in the woods and playing away from distractions.  The inter-squad warfare had taken its toll, however, and the teams were down to ten per side.

We told them our story and they offered to give us a ride back to Chicago, but only if we’d join the game so they could finish 11 on 11. Given my lack of soccer skills, they hid me on the back right-wing next to Christie Rampone so that I do as little damage as possible. You somehow talk them into letting you play sweeper for the other squad.

As the scrimmage wound down, you found some open space and made a run past Carli Lloyd.  You served the ball right at Tobin Heath’s feet.  She nutmegged me without even slowing down and headed for the end line.  Christie Rampone tried for the tackle, but she was sprinting so fast trying to cover the area that I’d left wide open that Tobin just pushed the ball past her rush and flipped it back to you as you completed your run.  You saw the flash of a diving goalie and flicked the ball with your left foot to the far side of the net for the game-winning goal against Hope Solo. 

They dropped us off in time for the Cubs game and we got a taxi to take us back out to the car the next day.

And that’s my favorite fake memory of you, Brendan.

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan is the star and I am the co-star. FavFakMems are a feature for my facebook fans.

You can suggest a general setting and I will try to work it in. Keep in mind that my kids read this site and so nothing I write will cross past the PG/PG-13 barrier.


  • Favorite Fake Memories are completely fictional and no business or other type of relationship is implied.
  • Any famous people who appear in an FFM are merely window dressing and no real life encounter with them is implied (i.e. this amounts to fan fiction).
  • Any Favorite Fake Fan Memory will be removed by request from the “star” for any reason within 72 hours by simply emailing me at .
  • I retain the right to use any idea or part of a FFFM (other than the “star’s” name) as a part of a future story. All stories are original content by Kent Ostby unless otherwise noted.

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