New Feature — Favorite Fake Memories

Starting April 30th, I will be starting a new feature here at called “Favorite Fake Memories.”

The name tells it all.  I will write up a favorite memory that I have of anyone who would like one written, but the memory will be fake.   It’s sort of like getting to star in a short-short story.

I have to place a few restrictions on such things so that they fit into the website and that I don’t receive any phone calls or letters from lawyers:

1) A favorite fake memory involving you and I does not imply a business or professional relationship of any type.

2) You may suggest the general setting or idea that you would like to see in the story and I will try to incorporate it as long as it fits the culture of the website (i.e. is PG or friendlier) and is not demeaning in any way.

3) I will not include any implied or stated romantic or business relationships between you and I even with the word “fake” so clearly denoted.

If you’re interested in being a character in a favorite fake memory, please email me at:

Favorite Fake Memories are sort of like short stories where a fan and I are the stars. Favorite Fake Memories are completely fictional and no business or other type of relationship is implied.

Any Favorite Fake Memory will be removed by request from the “star” for any reason within 72 hours by simply emailing me at

If you would like me to write a Favorite Fake Memory of you and I, you can contact me at You can suggest a general setting and I will try to work it in. Keep in mind that my kids read this site and so nothing I write will cross past the PG/PG-13 barrier.

All stories are original content by Kent Ostby unless otherwise noted.

To contact me, you can email me at: or leave a comment on the site.

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