Three Ways that One Word for 2018 can help you succeed

What is your focus for 2018?

When you read that, something probably popped into your mind.

Exercise, a better job, a new rhythm.

Having a single word to capture what it is can help you succeed in three different ways.  Here’s how.

1) Having one word let’s you create pictures and reminders.

My one word for 2018 is “Present.”  I’ll talk about what that means for me in a bit, but the first point is that it’s easy to put up a picture of a present on my desktop or write the word on a sticky note or, since I’m a kid at heart, scroll it on the back of my hand.

Putting reminders on your bathroom mirror, on a post-it on your car’s dashboard, or on the backdrop of your phone reminds you what you want 2018 to be about.

2) Having one word help’s you focus and make choices.

If your one word is “Lean” because you want to get in better shape then when you’re sitting at the restaurant making a decision between two meals, your brain will toss the word “lean” into your thinking and help you make that decision.

When it’s hard to get out of bed to exercise, your brain will remember “lean”. Hiking or a movie?

Right, your brain just chose hiking for you.

3) Having one word will help you gather hints and tips from others in conversation

You can talk about your goal or your word, and what you’ll find is that people have ideas. People have thought about that topic themselves.  People are wondering what you think about that idea.

When people ask what’s going on in a conversation or what I’m focused on in 2018, it’s easy for me to use my one word “Present” and tell them what I’m focused on. People often respond by letting me know how they stay present in the moment.

For me, “Present” actually has three meanings this year:

a) Present, in a getting things done way, means being focused on the task at hand and not letting the web or company email distract me from the important things of life.

b) Present, in a people setting, means leaving my phone in the car or on the island in the kitchen and talking or playing games with those around me.

c) Present, in a spiritual sense, means bringing God into every situation that I encounter in life. My home, my work, my choices.

So what is your focus for 2018?  What one thing would you like to see change by the end of the Year?

Now what single word can you use to make that change a reality in your life this year?

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