Four Keys To Writing Effective Emails

Email can be one of the most effective ways to transfer information in our work and personal life.

It can also create a whole series of problems related to misunderstanding, even in a professional setting.

Here are four keys to writing emails that communicate clearly and get you what you want.

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Six Thoughts on Surrendering To God

Joy comes from surrendering to the Lord.

Here are six areas for surrender today

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Four Ways to Step Forward Into Your Dream Life

Most of us are striving for a dream life or have at least had a few ideas cross our minds.

Maybe it’s a certain type of car, a place to live, a type of job.

Here’s four ways to step forward into that life

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Four things I learned about Opportunity while Boogie Boarding over Christmas

The ocean has long been a metaphor for life.  As I took in the waves in North Carolina from the back of a boogie board, I learned four things about opportunities.

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The Angels Song

Yesterday, I was contemplating the appearance of the heavenly host to announce to the shepherds that Christ was born.

It is another instance of Scripture that I think we vastly under estimate. We have seen big choirs bathed in the latest spotlight technology and think, “Yes, that is what it was like.”

But it wasn’t like that at all.

It was bigger and more.

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Theology of Sin: The Most Important Thing You Can Know About the Christian Life

Many years ago, a wise man said to me, “You have to have a theology of sin.  Without it, we give false expectations to Christians, especially new Christians, about sin.”

To expound on this, we often raise our kids or teach new Christians about the power of God and Jesus to overcome the power of Satan.  We teach and re-teach the verse that there is no temptation that has overcome us except that which is common to man, and we also emphasize that God will always provide a way out of temptation.

Somewhere along the line, we forget about verses such as the one where Paul, who wrote about half of the New Testament, refers to himself as the chief among sinners.  And just so we’re clear, that’s towards the end of his Christian life.

The reason that this is important is that when they first take part in sin, they have no way to deal with the shame, and their reaction is often to just give up on following God.

That is why I call what is written below the most important thing you can know about living the Christian life.

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If I Die This Day

If I die this day, do not say “he went too young”

for the number of my days was ordained from the start.

If I die this day, do not say “Where is God?”

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Life is good and difficult and fun and a whole bunch of other things.

I’m not sure if it’s twitter’s fault, facebook’s fault, instagram’s fault or if they just magnify the issue, but I feel a profound desire to simply life into just a few words.

Life is hard.

Life is awesome.

Life is good.

Or just #Blessed

But life is more than a single statement or hashtag.

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A song to parent by

As a father, I often find myself trying to either be the perfect father or beating myself up over not being the perfect father.

The truth is that only God is a perfect father, and so I think it’s fitting that as I woke up the other day, there was a song in my head about God which made me say, “Hmm. That’s not a bad way to parent.”

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In the dark, discouraging night comes clarity

Sometimes in the dark of night when the house is asleep and I’m feeling discouraged about writing, small thoughts creep into my head.
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