Remember to Ask — You May Be Surprised

As I recently wound up my trip to Phoenix, I noticed that I had a gap.

Hotel check out time was 11 AM.  No need to go to the airport until 1:15 PM.  I could have found a Starbucks, but I was traveling with my son who wanted to sleep in instead.

The hotel’s policy is that only it’s club members can stay for an extended amount of time past checkout, but the hotel was relatively empty (only four rooms with newspapers outside of their doors on my floor) so I walked down to ask anyways.

I was nice about it and made sure from my tone of voice that the clerk knew that I realized I was asking for a favor. She hmmed and hawed a moment, quoted me company policy, and then said, “I think I can help you out, Mr. Ostby.”

Who knows, maybe it was all posturing?

I have three rules for asking for things:

1) Don’t ask for another favor from someone who has done you a favor.  Now, you have become the problem customer.

2) Ask specifically, and use a tone of voice that let’s them know that you understand that what you want is outside of the normal.

3) Be kind and gracious whether they acquiesce or not.  No, “we’ll don’t expect me in here any more” nonsense.  Besides, at that point they probably won’t mind.

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