Shades of The Past

Warning: This post is more for amusement than anything so don’t expect any deep messages.

I’m truthfully, not much of a journaler.

Certainly, nothing like my brother who daily journals in elvish script (so he can be totally honest).

But in both my virtual world and my real world, I occasionally make fits and starts at journaling or  at least vision casting.  Even more occasionally, I stumble upon things I’ve written in the past that I wholeheartedly re-endorse or just smile at.

Here’s a few of the ones I’ve run across recently.

On Gaming

From a spreadsheet where I was listing out my roles in a “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” like methodology, I came across this nugget about my Gamer role:

Games bring me down time and fun, but can also eat away the flesh of life.  Eaten flesh is bad.

I call that truth.  Gaming is a like a drug for me sometimes.  A drug that I’ll sell my dreams and plans to get more of. And so that’s why I have an order to how I do things.

Big goals and people things first and a little bit of gaming at night, but not enough to make me miss a whole night of sleep.

Radical Ideas

Above my writing desk, I keep several large post-it-notes (4″x6″) which have in a nutshell the way I want to approach each general area of my life.  At the bottom, is a post-it-note that always makes my wife laugh.

She’s not laughing at the idea, but that I would list it amongst my general goals.

“Radical Ideas:

1) Create an Anti-Fragile lifestyle (Yes, I’m a big Nicholas Nassim Taleb fan).

2) End Poverty in the Next Forty Years.”

Actually, what she finds more amusing than the fact that I think I could do this is if I put my mind to it is the fact that I will feel guilty if I don’t accomplish it.  She knows me too well.

Taylor Swift

Scrawled in the margin of a notebook is this:

“Taylor Swift is the role model for living the life of your dreams.  She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and just keeps doing that. Laser focused and isn’t interested in changing for other people.”

If I haven’t already confessed to it anywhere else on this blog, let’s be clear: I listen to bubble-gum music because frankly my default personality is that of someone who notices the broken seashells on a perfect day at the beach.

So Taylor Swift is, of course, in my wheel house.

Her latest released video, “Shake It Off,” reminded me that I had written myself a note about Taylor that would fit today’s topic.

Many people today talk about living your dream life and if you are one of them then Taylor Swift is exhibit A.

Somewhere around age 8 she decided that she wanted to write fun songs where she was the star. And that’s all she’s done for fifteen years. Write fun music, make fun videos, throw fun concerts.

A nice simple plan.

You may not agree with everything she does or even like her music, but she is living the life she imagined.

 What’s the point?

The only point of this is that whether it’s Microsoft OneNote, a set of notebooks, or just using your Facebook wall as your journal, it can be enlightening, time-saving, and most of all, fun to record the random thoughts that bounce through your head.

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