Four Ways to Step Forward Into Your Dream Life

Most of us are striving for a dream life or have at least had a few ideas cross our minds.

Maybe it’s a certain type of car, a place to live, a type of job.

Here’s four ways to step forward into that life

1) Have an understanding in your head of what your dream life looks like.

My dream life has several components to it:

  1.     Have a close group of family or friends.
  2.     Get paid to be an ideas guy.
  3.     Live at the beach or be able to work from the beach a good percentage of the time.
  4.     Follow God and be a part of a community of believers
  5.     Drive a sports car or a jeep or alternate between driving a sports car or a jeep.
  6.     Stay in relatively good shape.

For those who know me well, there are about a hundred other layers to that puzzle, but those are the top ones.

2) Bond your dream life onto your current life

I don’t live at the beach full-time and for multiple reasons, I probably never will.  So does this mean I just cross things off and ignore that part of my dream?

Not at all.

First off, I do plan my vacations to take me to the beach.  Last year, I managed to spend 29 days at the beach through a combination of day trips, vacations, and work from “home” days at a friend’s house (I really did work, just with a nice lunch break at the beach).

Secondly, my home office is full of reminders of the beach: A great picture of the ocean taken by a friend, ocean sounds courtesy of you-tube, and a spray bottle of water mixed with lavender oil for the occasional “crashing wave.” (I’d add a plastic container with sand under my desk, but I own a cat and she would have other uses for it).

At work, I bond these by coming up with and sharing creative ideas, often with a story background to lead the engineers in my job as a program manager.

3) Enjoy where you are.

Scott Adams in his book, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,” comments that people who are striving for goals are essentially failing all the way up until they meet their big goal.  Then they momentarily succeed (assuming they get there) until they have a new big goal. He argues that people with systems succeed every time they use their system.

While there is a lot to unpack about this idea, at a starting point, you should take pride and enjoyment of the fact that you sat down to write or exercised even if you don’t see much of a move towards your long term plan TODAY.

Only about half of adult Americans exercise each day so just by exercising daily, you are better than half the country! Take a bow.

When I get even a small thing done (and am working from home), I’ll stand up and wave my arms around and say “yeah.” (For those of you familiar with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, think of the line, “… and they ate Robin’s minstrels and there was much rejoicing.”

4) You need to work at it every day.
Whether it’s an hour or 10 minutes, you need to spend some time moving towards your Dream Life every day.

Don’t have time for a full workout? How about 20 squats in the shower or balancing on one leg while brushing your teeth or 5 push-ups on your bedroom floor before you put on your shoes and head for work.

What’s your dream life and how are you going to step forward into it today?  Tell us below in the comments.



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  1. Liz Ostby says:

    Thanks Kent. A good word.

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