The Amnesia Reboot


I found myself floating face down in the water off of the coast of Marseilles.

Fishermen pull me from the water and work with them until they put me ashore.

Oh, sorry.  That was Matt Damon, not me.

I wake today and decide that nothing I remember about yesterday is true except for my love for God, my love for Family, and the fact that I have job.

Everything else has been washed away by my Amnesia Reboot.

Nothing else is here.

That bad habit of eating Peanut Butter M&Ms and Pepsi for lunch.  It never happened. You and I are imagining it.

My fear of the future.

My fear of lifting weights.

My fear of . . . everything.

I am healthy eater.

I am a focused worker.

I am an engaged and kind friend.

I am an organized steward.

The parts of my brain that remember anything else are slapped down and sent for re-programming.

I’m gaslighting myself and I like it.

The Amnesia Reboot is the same one that Jason Bourne (aka Matt Damon) awakened to find.

I have a small and well-shaped core.

I have skills.

I know the shape of the world.

But what I choose to do with them is wet cement.

I decide, within the construct of God’s leading, how I live.

The old things are passed away, broken memories that have no impact on today.

They are Jungian pieces of a bygone era, reactions forged in a time that no longer exists.

It’s as if I wanted to disappear from the underwhelming aspects of my old life while keeping the best bits.

I am strong, disciplined, happy, adventurous.

The life I live is set aside from yesterday.

I choose to have amnesia about the past.

I choose to reboot into a new and vivid future.

And you can too.


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