“The Escape” — My runner up entry to AHMM’s contest

Good news! One of my stories was a runner up in the latest AHMM short story contest. It is published after the jump.

Note: Each month the Alfred Hitchcock Murder Mystery runs a “short-short” contest. A picture is published and then you have to write a 250 word story about the picture.
The picture for the story was a trailer full of bikes and bike parts that was on the shoulder of the highway.
Below is my third runner-up for the magazine’s story. You can find a copy of the magazine on sale now although you won’t see my story there, just my name.

Here is my story:

The cool Oregon air whistled through Ed’s hair.

He had done it.  After six years of recycling bikes in the Corvalis Correctional facility, he had finally found a way out.

Bikes that were too far gone were scavenged for parts and Ed had worked his way into the job in hopes of today’s ride.  He’d used a trip to the porta-john as an excuse for disappearing from sight then ducked onto the ground behind the trailer.

Rolling over a couple of times, he made it to the tire and let out most of the air and then climbed aboard.

The road began to climb and Ed was sure that as soon as the guard noticed the sagging tire that they would stop and when they did, Ed would make his run into the darkness.


The tire popped and the trailer see-sawed behind the pickup truck as the guard fought to get control of the runaway vehicle.  The torque blew apart the cheap trailer hitch and the trailer took on a life of its own.  Ed and a few of the bikes flipped out of the trailer and over the cliff.

His breath left him on the first bounce, his consciousness on the second, and his life on the third. 

The body lodged between some boulders in an inaccessible part of the canyon and so Ed Hardin became the first successful escapee from the Corvalis Correctional Facility and was, of course, never heard from again.

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3 Responses to “The Escape” — My runner up entry to AHMM’s contest

  1. Karen Stippich says:

    This was very good. I didn’t realize though,when you said short you meant short. I think it was well written and suspenseful. I never knew that you liked to write. I would love to read more.

  2. Mark Ostby says:

    Congrats! Keep it up!

  3. Maxine says:

    Very good, Kent; I chuckled at the end!

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