The Shortest Distance Between Me and God

The shortest distance between two physical objects is generally a straight line.

Sometimes, I’m feeling grumpy or stressed or just far away from God.

You probably feel that way as well and when you do, it’s important to know the shortest distance between you and God.

You’ll have to figure out what that is, but this is the shortest distance between me and God.

The simple answer is Worship.

At least, that’s what it is during this season of my life.

For some it’s prayer, for some it’s scripture, for one friend of mine it’s surfing.

For many years, the shortest distance between me and God was a certain fantasy trilogy that most of you have never heard of.

But now a days, it’s worship and more specifically, just about any video done by the group WorshipMob out of Colorado Springs.

I love their long worship sessions (some videos stretch past 40 minutes) and I often toss one into and listen to it multiple times.

Lately, this has been my favorite:

So what is your shortest distance to get to God?

Leave me a note in the comments.

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