Verb Synonyms — A simple writing exercise

A simple writer’s exercise — verb synonyms

One of the changes that I’m trying to make in my writing is to do some writing exercises on a weekly basis.

Here’s one I did this evening with verb synonyms.

Step One — Make a list of twenty verbs

Make a list of twenty verbs, but not just any twenty.

Pull out your latest work and go through looking for verbs you’d like to improve. If you can’t find twenty that you want to improve then backfill the list with common words that you think of off of the top of your head.

Make two vertical lines so that you’ve got three columns.

Step Two — Use your brain (not your computer)

Yes, I know that you can use google or or right click in your word document to come up with synonyms, but let’s get away from technology for a while.

In the second column, write down a synonym for each word. Bend the meanings a bit if you need to, but either way fill in the second column.

Step Three — Involve another human

Hit up your spouse, kids, roommate or call someone on the phone.

Read them the words in the first two columns and have them fill in the third with their input. Once they figure out what’s going on, it add some fun and lets you think outside the box because you’re using someone else’s brain.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I want to see the list. 🙂

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